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Let Us Paint Your House!

Your Home and Office deserves nothing but the best!!

Call O&A Painting when you want to add colour and soul to your house or office interior and exterior.

Here at O&A Painting, we take great pride in our quality painting services. 

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Our Values
Painter using a roller to paint the wall.
Color Choice  
Paint Can and Roller

Deliver What We Promise

Our promise made to you, is our bond and a huge priority. We Keep our word. 

Take Pride in What We Do

We take the utmost pride in the smallest details, giving every space the attention it deserves. 

Respect For One and All

We treat everyone the way we want to be treated; with respect and honesty. All interactions with O&A Painting employees will be conducted with respect and dignity and made to feel valued throughout. 

Continuous Quality Improvement

Ranging from expert painting techniques to collaborating and communicating with you, our valued patron, we seek to improve your Columbus painting projects experience with O&A Painting Ltd. 

Lets talk about color (also spelt colour). To start with, what is color? 

According to the Oxford Dictionary 2023 edition, "color is the appearance that things have, that results from the way in which they reflect light". Yellow, Green and Blue are colors. 

In simple English, an object appears colored because of the way it interacts with light.

An ole boy called Issac Newton (born in 1642) came up with law of color mixture which describes the colors of the spectrum as chromatic colors. According to the law of color, there are three additive primary colors (red, green and blue). Adding these three colors in certain amounts will produce most colors. Adding the three primary colors in equal quantities will produce white. 

Color plays an important aspect in our daily lives. It involves aesthetic and psychological responses. An example of the link between emotion and color is the common perception that  redorangeyellow, and brown hues are “warm,” whereas blue, green and gray hues are “cold.”

The red, orange, and yellow hues are said to induce excitement, cheerfulness, stimulation, and aggression; whiles, the blues and greens security, calm, and peace; whereas the browns, grays, and blacks sadness, depression and melancholy. It must be remembered, however, that the psychological perception of color is subjective, and only general comments about its features and uses can be made.

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